Nooka Space installs the first smart proximity office in the ParkLake garden


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Following a partnership exclusively for Bucharest, Nooka Space installs the first smart proximity office in the ParkLake garden, thus redefining the concept of “working remotely” for the mall’s customers, but also for those who live nearby.

Launched on the local market in April this year, Nooka Space is the Irish start-up that initiated 2020 the first concept of smart proximity offices in the world, because of the pandemic and the changes that occurred in the labor market.

The pandemic has brought many changes in consumer’s behavior, from the way they shop and spend their spare time, to the way of working. Adapting to and catering to the needs in the present context are absolutely necessary prerequisites, and we, therefore, encourage innovation and any new solution which aims to improve people’s lives. The Nooka proximity smart office fits very well in our ecosystem and we are happy to offer our customers the option of working closer to nature, but also to all the facilities that the mall has to offer “, added Simona Badea, Deputy Center & Marketing Manager ParkLake.

The Nooka Space business model is complementary to the office market and focuses on mobility and flexibility, offering options for renting purchasing, and revenue sharing.

At the global level, Nooka offices are located in Ireland, Switzerland, and Italy and will soon be present in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium.

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