North-eastern Romania posts the highest EU fund absorption rate in 2007-2013 period


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Although it is the poorest, the North-East region in Romania has the highest rate of absorption of European Funds in the 2007-2013 period, European Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Cretu, said on Saturday, in Iasi, during a public debate, informs.

“This region has used the money far better than the seven other regions of Romania,” the EU official noted.

She also appreciated the fact that the City of Iasi knew how to use European funds for quality projects.

“It’s a city that truly used in the most efficient way European funds for modernizing the Capital of Moldova,” she said.

Present at the debate, MEP Catalin Ivan emphasized the way in which the funds led to major changes of Iasi.

“We are fast to forget how it was before. We forget how the boulevards looked like, we forget the traffic jams at the Central Library. We forget and we want everything to look very good. We forget how Iasi looked like without the Octav Bancila overpass, that two large neighborhoods were isolated from the city center. We have the impression that the overpass (e.n. – built with European funds) was always there. It wasn’t the case. Maybe we should present more often how the city was and how it is now,” Catalin Ivan said.

The European Commissioner emphasized the importance of cohesion policies at the EU level and underlined the need to fight populism and Euroskepticism.



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