Number of used cars, growing in Romania: 4 times higher registrations in January yoy

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The number of second-hand cars registered in Romania in the first month of 2018 reached 39,261 units, over four times higher than in the similar period in 2017, when only 7,708 units were registered, the Directorate for Driving Licenses and Vehicle Registration (DRPCIV) statistics show.

More than 39,200 vehicles registered in January represent more than double the number of new cars, which in the reference period amounted to 11,744 units.

According to DRPCIV data, the most used cars registered in January 2018 were: Volkswagen (10,329 units, up 378.42 percent yoy), Opel (4,476 units, + 351.66 percent), Ford Audi (3.538 units, + 352.43 percent), BMW (3,487 units, + 330.49 percent), Mercedes-Benz (1,903 units, + 494.69 percent), Renault units, + 542.80 percent) and Skoda (1,722 units + 360.43 percent).

On the other hand, registrations of new cars increased in Romania by 66.37 percent in January 2018, reaching 11,744 units, compared to the same month of the previous year, when there were 7,059 cars. Depending on the number of registered units, most of the new passenger car requests were for Dacia – 3,613 units, up 67.35 percent compared to January 2017, Volkswagen (1,080 units, + 31.07 percent), Skoda (905 units, + 31.07 percent), Ford (838 units, + 40.31 percent) and Renault (724 units, + 15.65 percent).

At end-2017, the national car fleet reached over 7,635 million units, up 8.91 percent over the previous year, DRPCIV reads.

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