OMV Petrom makes the first step towards electric filling stations

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OMV Petrom, the largest oil and gas producer in Southeastern Europe and on local market, will open next week the first fast electric charging station at OMV Aerogării gas station.

According to, this is based on a partnership with Electrica, the largest player in the distribution and supply of electricity.

This is the first step that the oil company is making toward the electric power supply of vehicles, but part of a trend seen in most construction companies.

In recent years, it can be seen the orientation of oil companies to other services too, except the traditional sale of fuels in order to attract customers, given that the oil product itself is not anymore an element of differentiation.

At the same time, last year, Hungarian oil group MOL, one of the top four fuel distributors in Romania, announced, through Zsolt Petho, MOL senior vice-president, that plans to develop a network of charging stations for electric cars, including in Romania.

According to Petho, getting an electric car will be more reasonable in three years, whereas in ten years it will be a natural choice for consumers.

Currently, the company installed such charging stations in Hungary and the Czech Republic.

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