Only 18% of Romanians consider it important to invest in the high quality of electronic products

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In an increasingly digitalized world, in which the importance of technology is growing and in which communication is moving almost more and more in the online environment, electronics have become essential products in our everyday life. Reveal Marketing Research conducted a study on the purchasing habits of Romanians regarding electronic products: how and in which categories of electronics do Romanians invest? What aspects influence their decision and how loyal are they to their favorite brands? Extensive results below!

Romanians say they are willing to invest the most in phones, laptops and computers

18% of Romanians consider it important to invest in the high quality of electronic products and would choose more expensive brands. From this category, there is a tendency to invest in brands with higher prices for: telephones (32% of Romanians with this option), laptops (30%) and computers (22%). We notice that for those willing to spend, emotional criteria such as brand loyalty weigh heavily in the choice decision. 23% of people say they are loyal, saying that they always buy the same brand, regardless of promotions. The most loyal are people aged 35-44 (30% of them).

However, for most Romanians, the advantageous quality-price ratio is the most important. 1 out of 2 respondents state that they would choose brands with medium prices and are very interested in a balance between the quality of the product and its cost. Similarly, telephones (60%), laptops (61%) and computers (53%) are the main products for which Romanians would look for brands with average prices and good value for money. Tablets (60%), smartwatches (48%), headphones (49%) and audio systems (49%) are other electronic products for which a good value for money is important in purchasing.

On average, only 13% of Romanians say they would choose cheaper brands and do not think it is worth investing a lot in these products. Fitness bracelets (17%) and accessories for phones, tablets, laptops (23%) are products for which Romanians would not be willing to pay much.

Consumers prefer to buy electronics from specialty stores, at the expense of online orders

45% of Romanians say that they go to specialized physical stores to buy electronic products, compared to 36% who prefer online orders on store websites. The difference can be explained by the fact that people wish to see the product in reality and have the opportunity to test it before purchase. For them, it may be important to better understand the product in which they invest their money. At the same time, we notice a difference between urban and rural areas in terms of preference for physical stores, 53% of those in rural areas prefer to go to the store, compared to 38% of those in urban areas with the same preference.

At the level of the entire sample, of all the products, the phone is purchased from physical stores in the largest proportion of Romanians (52%), especially those with low incomes, under 2,000 lei (62% of them). Being the essential means of communication, education and entertainment today, it is understandable why people feel the need to ensure the quality of the product before buying it. Moreover, at the end of 2020, an international study (Global Media Intelligence Report) showed that Romanians spend about 3 and a half hours on the phone and on average 4 hours in front of the computer or tablet.

Although in the end they buy from physical stores, Romanians prefer to get informed about electronics from the online environment

The main source of information about electronic products is the website of specialty stores – over half of Romanians (55%) say they get information from here, according to Reveal Marketing Research. 48% of people say that they gather information from online advertisements, especially young people aged 25-34 (59%). Instead, 55-year-olds (57%) say they get information directly from the store. Out of the total sample, 36% of Romanians agree. Recommendations received from friends, family or acquaintances about electronic products are important for 32% of Romanians, especially for those aged 45-55 (35%). This means that brands need to continue to investigate purchasing processes (through consumer decision journey studies) to identify key touchpoints. This approach is important even in the current period, when we may be tempted to believe that online promotion ensures immediate success.

Promotions are in the top 3 criteria that influence Romanians’ purchasing decision

Promotions also have the role of influencing consumer loyalty to electronics brands – when asked how loyal they are when buying from this category of products, 69% of Romanians say that the choice of brand is guided by promotions. Thus, out of the 69% – 50%, they usually alternate about the same brands of electronics, depending on the promotions, and 19% state that they do not buy the same brands, but only choose according to the promotions. Only 8% of respondents always vary their purchasing options and are not loyal, saying that they do not buy the same brands and look at other criteria compared to offers – advertisements, the appealing aspect of the product.

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