Only 20 Romanian companies invest on the foreign markets during one year

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Studies show that Romanian companies’ direct international presence is modest. Only 20 Romanian companies make investments on the foreign markets during one year, and they account for 30 percent of exports, according to Romanian Business Leaders (RBL) survey.

According to Claudiu Vrinceanu, Senior Project Manager, Start-Up Bridge initiator, the direct interactions with target market entrepreneurs, local know-how and information about state regulation and taxation are the main objectives of Romanian entrepreneurs.

The Start-Up Bridge project was launched in Sofia, as part of an exchange of professional experiences between Romanian entrepreneurs and potential partners in Bulgaria.

The 15 business persons in Romania attending the Start-Up Bridge had access to at least 40 direct interactions with Romanian and Bulgarian entrepreneurs, state representatives, lawyers, tax experts, case studies and investors.

Start-Up Bridge is an interaction platform between Romanian entrepreneurs and foreign companies in various stages of development.

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