Orange and NEPI Rockcastle join Auchan-Leroy Merlin initiative to build support medical unit in Bucurestii Noi

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Two multinational companies based in Romania, Orange and NEPI Rockcastle, have announced on Thursday that they are joining the Auchan-Leroy Merlin initiative to build a support medical unit in Bucurestii Noi.

Auchan and Leroy Merlin companies, with the support of Health Ministry and the Department for Emergency Situations have started an initiative to set up a medical centre to hospitalise people who have been infected with coronavirus, but who are not in a critical condition.

A building owned by Leroy Merlin, located on Bucharest’s ring road, in Mogosoaia area will be turned into a centre to receive, trial and hospitalise patients infected with COVID-19 who are not serious cases. The patients in serious condition will be sent to hospitals. The 7,500-sqm area has all basic utilities (sewage, water, energy) and will be equipped from donations. So, the two companies that initiated the project has called on the business environment to endorse the project through products and services.

Orange has announced its support today, by providing the entire mobile and fixed communications infrastructure for the new premise.

11 Wi-Fi access points have been already installed, as well as a customised security Internet access solution, through Business Internet Security. These could be used both for the equipment and applications of the support medical unit, but also for the free Internet for patients. At the same time, the unit has been equipped with land line and faxes.

“Auchan-Leroy Merlin initiative is praiseworthy and that’s why we did not hesitate to join the conclusion of the project. We know the connectivity needs for a hospital, from equipment tot he human resources. Orange’s involvement in this project has been thus natural and in line with our initiatives to help the community in these difficulty moments,” said Liudmila Climoc, CEO Orange Romania.

In its turn, NEPI Rockcastle real estate developer has also joined the initiative, contributing to renting sanitary containers that will be part of the support unit for the COVID-19 patients. Nepi Rockcastle has donated the money needed for the acquisition of the sanitary containers.

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