Orange Romania cuts roaming charges for the Rep. of Moldova

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Orange Romania customers visiting the Republic of Moldova can now benefit from the best roaming rates with a dedicated offer – Go Moldova, a press release informs.

Thus, the new option provides 30 minutes or SMSes included, a great price for internet traffic: 0.20 euro / MB, all for EUR 4.

The option can be activated at any time and customers pay only when are in roaming, Anca Veluda, Consumer Division Manager within Orange Romania stated. After the included minutes are completed, the option will automatically activate with a new package of 30 minutes for EUR 4, so that users do not take care of additional costs.

Its activation can be done either by accessing Orange or by calling * 100 # and Roaming & International section. This option is available for both subscriptions and Orange PrePay customers. In addition, the offer also applies to business customers.

The offer is valid from May 4, 2016, to July 20, 2016, with possibility of extension.

“This significant decrease in costs for calls and mobile data will help strengthen mutual communication between Romania and Moldova,” Ministry of Communications and Information Society (MCSI) notes in a statement.


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