Over 70% of Romanians consider the pandemic changed the way we work

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Up Romania, the company that offers motivational tools and solutions for the performance of companies ‘business, has l the results of the “Up4Work Barometer” study today, an initiative meant to identify the extent to which Romanians’ way of working has changed amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Almost a year and a half after the beginning of the pandemic, the motivation of Romanians to work has fundamentally changed. Thus, there are several top most important features for a good job, according to Romanian employees: job security (75%), work-leisure balance (67%) and relevant work, meaningful (52%). The salary or extra-salary benefits are important for more than 40% of Romanians.

„The way we work has changed fundamentally in recent years, and the pandemic context has made a contribution in this regard. Thus, it is important to understand that a job that you can rely on and where you can work safely has become a fundamental value for Romanian employees, who place more and more emphasis on work-leisure balance, which shows that Romanians are no longer willing to accept stress as in the past. The fact that more than half of Romanians are looking for a relevant job, meaning that more than half (59%) would work even if they had enough money to support themselves shows that the labor force in Romania is becoming more and more sophisticated and that Romanian employees are looking for a workplace that should provide them even with non-material satisfactions”, said the sociologist Barbu Mateescu.

The Up4Work barometer, conducted by Up Romania in June 2021, shows the attitude of Romanians towards work in the last 18 months and how they have been affected, given that 55% worked from home during the pandemic. Regarding its impact, employees state that they have encountered different difficulties depending on the nature of the job, their personal situation or the degree of professional responsibilities.

Thus, 35% of Romanians do not feel safe at work, 1 in 3 are in a conference marathon, 33% feel exhausted and 1 in 5 people have difficulty working from home and being a parent, at the same time.Employees who worked from home did not waste time in traffic, but some of them used the time gained to perform their daily tasks.

57% worked between 6 and 10 hours online, while 1 in 10 Romanians used technology to work more than 10 hours a day. In the process of adapting to work from home, employees encountered some obstacles such as: lack of adequate space (27%), various interruptions caused by household chores (23%) and lack of technology or equipment to carry out the activity (17%).

In addition, detachment from daily responsibilities was not possible for a third of Romanians who were not on leave.

The Up4Work barometer was conducted between 03.06.2021 – 10.06.2021 on the online platform iVOX, and it was attended by 1362 respondents.

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