OVES Enterprise, a software development start-up in Cluj, opens its first office abroad in Germany


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OVES Enterprise, a software development company from Cluj, opens in Munich, Germany, the first office abroad, as part of the international expansion strategy aimed at presence in 5 countries by the end of the year: Germany, USA, United Arab Emirates, Great Britain and Spain.

The expansion in Germany is due to the need to strengthen existing customer relations and to promote OVES Enterprise services in the German-speaking markets in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

Currently, we have 20 clients outside Romania, 10 of them being in Germany. Hence the desire to set up an OVES Enterprise office in Munich. Also, 80% of last year’s turnover was generated by businesses from abroad, and with the international expansion we estimate that the share will be increased to 95% “, says Mihai Filip, CEO of OVES Enterprise.

Last year, OVES Enterprise’s turnover increased 4 times, reaching approximately 14 million euros. In 2022, the Cluj company aims to at least double its revenues, the assumed target being 30 million lei.

“We are seeing an exponential increase in global demand for digital products. We believe that the efforts made in previous years, as well as investments in team growth – last year alone we allocated 1 million euros in resources and team growth, along with the high level of trust from existing customers allowed us to take advantage of huge global demand. of digital services and products and thus accelerate business beyond initial estimates,” the CEO explained.

OVES Enterprise’s development plans for this year also include doubling the number of employees to support the company’s expansion into the international market and engaging in increasingly complex projects. Thus, from 68 members in 2021, the team will reach 130 by the end of 2022. Most OVES Enterprise employees are software developers with over 10 years of experience, very diverse technological expertise and extensive industry coverage in who worked.

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