OVES Enterprise Launches IXXERA, the World’s First Blockchain and AI-Based Security Platform for Drone Networks and Aircrafts


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OVES Enterprise, a Romanian software development company, launches IXXERA, the world’s first security platform for drone networks ensuring the safeguarding of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) against cyber-attacks, leveraging blockchain and AI technologies.

The IXXERA software platform delivers advanced encryption and drone network monitoring solutions, alongside rapid intervention during security alerts. All data is protected through a decentralized blockchain system, thereby offering a high level of security. IXXERA can be accessed as SaaS, as well as by aerospace manufacturers, governments, and global security institutions.

In a world where drones are increasingly prevalent, from battlefields to commercial deliveries, security is not merely an option, but a necessity. Through the IXXERA platform, we ensure that drones are not only efficient tools but also exceedingly secure. With our cutting-edge encryption and monitoring technology, we provide a comprehensive security solution that protects both the data and the physical integrity of drones,” says Mihai Filip, CEO, OVES Enterprise, highlighting that amid the accelerated interest in drones, the company is committed to setting new security standards in the industry.

IXXERA encapsulates a cybersecurity ecosystem and operates both as a rapid threat detection mechanism against cyber threats on drone networks and as a swift intervention team, akin to a SWAT unit, neutralizing any cyber-attack on the UAV network.

Key Features of the IXXERA platform:

  • Critical data transportation in public telecommunications environments;
  • Critical data storage in the public cloud;
  • Identity management;
  • Segregated data access;
  • Immutable Blockchain registry;
  • Military-grade encryption;
  • Complete structure and component auditing.

“One of the major advantages of our drone security solution is scalability. IXXERA is easily adaptable to the varied needs of clients, whether it concerns a single flying device or an entire fleet. Moreover, our system is designed to be fail-safe, eliminating vulnerabilities associated with a central failure point. This decentralized architecture not only enhances security but is also ideal for autonomous devices and large drone fleets, thereby offering a comprehensive and flexible solution for managing and protecting aerial assets in any operational context”, adds Mihai Filip.

Given the rapid increase in drone usage across various applications, the security of these devices has become a significant concern. In this regard, OVES Enterprise partners with Romanian National Cyber Security Directorate to improve cybersecurity in the UAV sector. The agreement emphasizes mutual commitment to develop and disseminate relevant information and knowledge, as well as to evaluate, test, and promote new cybersecurity technologies and solutions.

IXXERA marks OVES Enterprise’s second investment in the drone industry, following an announcement last month of an investment exceeding 500,000 euros in drone production, both in hardware and software segments.

Currently, OVES Enterprise is developing 9 different drone models, both rotor and fixed-wing. All products are self-funded, with the company also covering the research and development aspect, focusing on innovation and identifying new drone utilization methods.

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