Paralela 45 counts on 15 pc rise next year. The popular tourist destinations this year

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After a 25pc rise this year and the same increase in 2017, Paralela 45, one of the first private tour operators established in Romania after 1990, counts on a slightly moderate, but more solid increase of 15pc in 2019.

The tour operator announced the statistics for this year forecast a capital movement of EUR 60 million.

The new website and the online and unassisted sales represent 10pc of the total sales within the company, with an estimated 12-15 per cent of the online sales for 2019. The hope is to reach 10% unassisted sales, says Alin Burcea, the owner of the company.

The website and the six online consultants are not the only things new at Paralela 45, the tour operator has also invested EUR 30,000 in a website for corporate, a soft that helps companies make reservations by themselves.

As the purchasing power has increased in 2017 and 2018, it allowed us make investments and launch new tourist destinations, such as Alanya, Samos and Lesbos. It has been the Antalya’s year, with an increase of 120% compared to the previous year. We’ll have at least 6 charters per week from Bucharest as of next year, and also six from countrywide. We estimate a 20 pc rise of the demand. As for the new charters to Lesbos and Samos, the cabin factor mounted to almost 98pc,” Alin Burcea told a press release on Monday.

Overall, the demands for the Greek islands stood at 15pc this year compared to 2017, while the demand for holidays in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus has been 10pc higher.

In terms of domestic tourism, the demand has been up by 60% compared to 2017, due to the holiday vouchers, with a significant demand for the Romanian spa tourism.

The most sought-after holidays during the autumn and winter are the tours, with over 120 routes on six continents by plane and by coach, whose sale share has doubled in 2018, the trips in Lapland, with charters available for the third year in a row before and during Christmas, and, of course, the exotic trips.

Over 300 Romanians are going to the Santa Claus country this year, where they have the chance to ride on the snowmobile, to go on husky safari, to visit the ice hotel and to get a diploma for crossing the arctic circle,” Burcea said.

For New Year’s Eve vacation, many Romanians prefer sunny destinations such as Antalya, Dubai, Cyprus, Maldives, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, but also tours to Russia, Jordan, Israel, Tunisia, or India.

Over 50 tours are already available for 2019, with the most requested programmes being for Japan, Morocco, Indonesia, Argentina and Brazil.

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