Part-time jobs on the candidates’ radar again


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More than 62,000 part-time jobs have been put on the market since the beginning of the year so far. The number is 10% higher than the same period last year, even though part-time jobs continue to be taxed at the economy’s minimum wage. The trend in terms of applications is also evolving, with this type of job attracting, between January and October 2023, 10% more applications than last year.

“2023 marks a return of the “part-time” subject in the horizons of interest of employers and candidates, although the main direction in which candidates especially want to go is that of full-time jobs, which not only come with higher salaries big, but they are also associated with the idea of ​​longer-term stability” says Bogdan Badea, CEO of eJobs, the largest recruitment platform in Romania.

The fields that had the most open part-time positions were retail, entertainment, services, advertising / marketing / PR, tourism, food industry, insurance and call-center / BPO. “It is interesting that we see, in the case of part-time jobs, an increased availability of employers for remote work. This is most likely because they are aware that many take another job because they need a supplement to their income. And the only viable way they can do that is to get a part-time job and work at home”, explains Bogdan Badea.
Specifically, almost 15% of the total number of part-time jobs posted since the beginning of the year until now are remote, compared to a percentage of 7.4% overall, respectively at the level of all types of newly posted jobs in 2023.

The 1.3 million applications registered for these positions show that the interest of candidates has also increased by 10% compared to 2022. A third of the applications are for those opportunities that allow work from home. “Part-time jobs remain the prerogative of very young candidates who want to gain experience while studying, but they have also become an extra resource for experienced candidates who want to earn more money. All the more so since the most recent survey we conducted showed us that one of the main problems of Romanians is the fact that they do not earn enough for the expenses they have”, says Bogdan Badea.

Those who want to work part-time mainly apply for jobs in retail, call-center / BPO, advertising / marketing / PR, services and tourism. Those candidates who are in the entry-level and inexperienced age segment, between the ages of 18 and 24, apply the most.

Next come candidates aged between 25 and 35, those between 36 and 45 and only then those in the 45+ category.As for seasonal jobs, their number decreased compared to last year, but not significantly, but by a percentage of approximately 5%. And the applications decreased on this level, the data also reflecting the situation in the summer period, when, naturally, the number of seasonal or project-based offers increases compared to the other months of the year.

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