Passenger car registrations in the EU, up by 6.2 pc in January. Dacia registrations slightly down

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In January 2016, the EU passenger car market started the year positively, marking the 29th consecutive month of growth, reports.
Registrations during the month grew (+6.2%) compared to January 2015, totalling 1,061,150 units. This result is encouraging for the near future, as the upward market trend remains stable.
Among the major markets, Italy (+17.4%) and Spain (+12.1%) recorded the strongest performances in January, both posting double-digit percentage gains. Also the French (+3.9%), German (+3.3%) and UK (+2.9%) passenger car markets grew during the opening month of 2016, although at more modest rates.
Dacia cars registrations in the EU stood at 30,273 units, while sales in Romania increased by over 16%. Within this context, Dacia’s market share in the EU has fallen from 3% in January 2015 to 2.9% in January 2016.

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