PBK, the new trading symbol for Patria Bank shares on Bucharest Stock Exchange


Patria Bank shares, a credit institution that operates on the Romanian banking sector, are traded under a new symbol on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) market, following the successful merger with Banca Comerciala Carpatica. The old trading symbol ‘BCC’ becomes ‘PBK’ as of today, July 13th. Patria Bank shares are traded on the Bucharest Stock Exchange main market, in the Premium category and are part of the BETPlus index.

PBK replaces BCC trading symbol on the Bucharest Stock Exchange marking the beginning of a new phase of solid growth after the merger with Banca Comerciala Carpatica. Changing the trading symbol is not just a formal change, it reflects a new strategy and a new bank identity. We want to create a solid credit institution with a significant share in the financing of the Romanian economy and with an attractive offer for people and small businesses in the less developed areas of the country. Our presence on the capital market will be more and more active and we hope to attract as many investors as possible’, said Horia Manda, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Patria Bank.

Bucharest Stock Exchange is open to all types of business and to all companies that strive to get bigger, better, more profitable and useful for their clients. We are glad that Patria Bank’s story continues on our market not only that banking sector is one of the best represented, but also because investors will have the possibility to diversify their portfolios’, said Ludwik Sobolewski, CEO BVB.

Patria Bank will focus on the retail segment, using technology to simplify the client’s access to performing financial services and will continue to be a strong and trustworthy partner for small and medium Romanian companies, bringing its contribution to the development of the entrepreneurial environment.

‘The bank’s new commercial strategy is focused on the retail development by expanding lending to new environments, consolidation and differentiation of the bank’s position through SMMs and Agro segments, along with maintaining a solid and trustworthy relationship with our depositors. We will be focused in the following years on the financial performance and profit’, mentioned Bogdan Merfea, CEO Patria Bank.

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