Perceptum is partnering with the pan-regional leader in programmatic marketing, Eikon Digital


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The online advertising market in Romania continues to grow in 2019, after revenue was estimated at over 50 million euros in 2018. Programmatic marketing remains the most powerful global trend in digital media buying. For Romania, it is estimated that 55% of the revenue from online advertising will be programmatic in 2023 (Statista).

With over 10 years of marketing and communication campaigns, Perceptum agency enters the programmatic marketing market and announces partnership with Eiko Digital, pan-regional leader in programmatic media buying with a strong presence in 10 countries.

The key word in any successful campaign has undoubtedly become customization. Segmentation of audiences must be an essential step in the process, and advertising content must be genuinely tailored to the interests and profiles of each type of audience. Perceptum is an innovation-focused agency. We have brought to Romania, over time, some of the most successful marketing tools, such as the international multi-awarded hitech displays Gravity Lifter and DreamOC. Now we think it’s time for programmatic adtech. That’s why we’ve been partnering with the best. Eikon Media is joining us in Romania with a world-class programmatic marketing experience and I am convinced that together we will add value to marketing and advertising campaigns”, said Raluca Ghilea, Perceptum General Manager.

Through the new strategic partnership, Perceptum aims to maximize the return-on-media coefficient of marketing campaigns and at the same time to increase tawareness of programmatic marketing on the Romanian market. The services that will be offered include display, video, mobile, native and social media solutions to maximize reach as well as data-based predictive optimization and contextual targeting with unprecedented accuracy. The revolutionary media buying platform of Eikon Digital constantly optimizes its solutions based on real-time result analysis. Thus, lead generation campaigns with high conversion rates are delivered with maximum ROI.

Eikon is a media buying company in the vanguard of programmatic marketing and constantly innovates to optimize and enhance the business success of its customers around the world. In Romania we have found a developing digital market and an experienced partner, with whom we have identified significant growth opportunities. We are glad that through this partnership we can bring the benefits of programmatic marketing integrated in 360 marketing and communication campaigns close to the companies and organizations in Romania“, said Otilia Amarandei, Regional Director of Eikon Digital.

Through the partnership with the pan-regional leader in program marketing, Perceptum offers Romanian customers the opportunity to maximize results in the creative digital communication and advertising campaigns. The new programmatic approach promises real-time customized targeting and constant adaptation of marketing messages through data analysis and a dynamic, multi-channel approach.

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