Personal and professional productivity free programme available for managers, entrepreneurs in November

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A productivity programme is available for the entrepreneurs and managers affected by the pandemic as of November 1, for 30 days, free of any charge. “Anti-delay treatment: Productive at home and at the office” is a programme organized by Dan Luca, expert on labour productivity. In video tutorials, the trainer is providing methods, strategies and tools for emotional, mental and physical recovery.

“We are living in a difficult time, when things are changing from one day to another, and the level of fatigue, depression and over-saturation has reached alarming peaks. There are no more fixed milestones, people are easily dragged into negative spirals where they lose their energy, clarity and confidence. My responsibility is to advertise these strategies and tools so that every one could make some changes in his/her own life amid these tough times”, the trainer said.

Strategies available in the November programme:

  • how to organized your day
  • how to interact with colleagues
  • how to avoid delaying some actions
  • relaxation
  • how to manage stress and negative emotions
  • how to save your energy all day long
  • useful productivity applications.

“Those who joined the programme by accessing any of these links: and are getting the five-minute film with strategies and tips on a daily basis. They are getting maximum of this programme if there two of them browsing it, in order for them to consult and endorse each other. I estimate there will be 10,000 participants”, Luca said.

The participants in the November programme are mainly businessmen, department managers, specialists. Their age ranges from 30 to 50, they are parents with performances in various fields, but who are close to burnout. 60% of them are entrepreneurs, a quarter belong to the middle and top management, while 15% are freelancers, team leaders. They are all Romanians, with 10% being Romanians living abroad.


Dan Luca, coach, trainer, speaker, author of three bestsellers on Amazon in 2016, is also the founder of 5am club, with more than 5,000 members who wake up every morning at 5 a.m. in order to be more productive during the day.

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