PM Ciolos: I convinced Ford to continue its investment in Romania

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Romanian Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos said on Sunday in a TV show that he convinced Ford’s officials that is a good thing to continue the investment in Romania.

“We have discussions with Ford for weeks, months…” Ciolos said, adding that US car manufacturer has certain expectations related to infrastructure.

He stressed that the investments – domestic and foreign – lead to economic growth. “Economic growth could come from investments, from the private sector, because the fiscal relaxation measures that have been taken should have exactly this goal – to encourage the investment of the money that was left in the private sector and do not come to the state budget,” PM Ciolos said.

Romanian PM said he has already signs in this regard, following discussions in Germany, France and the Netherlands.

“Several ministers attended a forum in London with foreign investors, discussing about Romania. (…) The interest to come in Romania is high,” Dacian Ciolos said, adding that businessmen have expectations related to the reduction of bureaucracy in Romania, the continuing fight against corruption, the need to reform the administration, the budgetary stability and predictability in drafting up legislation.

However, Ciolos stated that, unfortunately, the economic growth is driven mainly by consumption.

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