PM Ponta to British investors: Romania is the most stable country in the region

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Despite the complicated times and events near the country, Romania is the most stable in the region.

Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta assured the British investors that while in the east is a “big bear”, claiming that sleeps or is approaching to Romanian territory, doing harm to other countries, Romania remains the most predictable country in the region in which to invest. As an argument in this context, Ponta said that this year the Government will reduce VAT.

He made these affirmations on Tuesday receiving a delegation of British businesspeople paying an official visit to Bucharest as part of “Great Mega Mission 2015”, a press release informs. Also attending the event, held at Victoria Palace, alongside PM Ponta, were Economy Minister Mihai Tudose and Energy Minister Andrei Gerea.

Romania and Great Britain are compatible in the development of some joint economic projects in important areas such as oil and natural gas, nuclear energy, transport and environment, the British Ambassador in Bucharest, Paul Brummell said in his turn.

“We know that Romania has very concrete and very ambitious plans in terms of infrastructure development. Here, for example, you have a Master Plan transport infrastructure approved, which is concrete and ambitious. That it is why, we have invited British companies operating in four important areas: oil and natural gas, nuclear energy, transport, water and environment, because we know that Romania has very big plans in these areas. Great Britain can help Romania in these areas,” British Ambassador said.

On the other hand, the head of the British business delegation, Brian Wilson, the Commercial Ambassador of the British Governmental Agency for Trade and Investment, gave assurances that British investors would pursue, in the projects intended to be developed, helping Romania spend as effectively as possible the funds received from the European Union.

Romania, as many other countries in Central and Eastern Europe, has at its disposal an extraordinary development resource, namely accessing and successfully using European funds. It is in both in the interest of Great Britain, as well as of the countries in Central and Eastern Europe that the British industry play a key role in this upgrading process, said Commercial Ambassador Brian Wilson.

The British official also pointed out the fact that 90 percent of Romania’s young people speak English, which creates a great opportunity for the development of a natural partnership with Romania.

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