PM Tudose: US company to make huge investment in Romania of about EUR 10 bn

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Romanian Prime Minister Mihai Tudose has recently announced on Facebook that an important American company is planning major investments in Romania. He did not disclose the name of the company and the sector in which it operates, but he mentions that it’s about a technology transfer.

“A large American firm has begun the discussions to do business here. It’s the first time in this company’s history when it moves the manufacturing units from the US parent company to another country and chose Romania. They want to make colossal investments in our country (we are discussing about investments of almost EUR 10 billion in the next years), to set up a joint venture and a far-reaching technological transfer, ” the premier wrote.

He also reminds of other major foreign investments in Romania, thus responding to a woman who says she wants to return to Romania with her husband if there are well-paid jobs.

“We are talking about jobs better paid than the European average. Romania, which we want to offer to our families and children, is one in a continuous economic and social development, and the things go in a good direction (the unemployment rate is at a historical minimum, the purchasing power of the average wage is increasing, exports are at historical highs),” Tudose said.

He expressed his conviction that Romanians working abroad “have reasons to turn back home”.

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