Polish financial blogger moves to Romania


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The creator of a financial blog in Poland, Szymon Ziemba, moved to Romania and launched a dedicated blog for Romanians, in order to offer his experience to Romanians eager to improve their living conditions. The blog, called Rechin Financiar, is providing free financial education, revealing the specific knowledge and methods to achieve financial independence. Szymon Ziemba explains why he has surprisingly moved from Poland, despite his success and why he chose Romania to be his new home.

After 12 years of financial experience, Szymon chooses to take a bold step and develop the Rekin Finansów blog he has run for 4 years in Poland. Szymon has big plans: he will invest more than 1,000,000 euros in the upcoming years, especially in financial education for Romanians.

“I’ve been working in finance since I was 19 and I realized that my life goal is to change the lives of as many people as possible. Financial education is essential and everyone should be able to benefit from it, but unfortunately the school does not offer it. That’s exactly why I’m doing what I do and that is the reason I started the blog“, he explains.

The range of subjects on the blog is wide, starting from what the best investments are, blog tools that help find the cheapest loan on the market, up to effective money management strategies. Moreover, there are articles explaining economic paradigms, such as why Romanian wages are low.

I want to share my experience and contribute to improve the quality of life for as many people as I can, because I know how is to start a career from scratch. That’s what I did, I started from the scratch: no money, no knowledge or help. I did everything on my own. I achieved financial independence through perseverance and well-thought-out decisions, “says the blogger.

He lived in an environment where there is a strong stereotype about the Poles’ vision about Romania. Romania is seen as a corrupt, gypsy, underdeveloped country where civilization has struggled to reach and where the most women practice “the world’s oldest job” come from. “A wrong vision, a blurred outlook which is very far from the current reality. I have been living in Romania since December 2018,” says Szymon Ziemba.

Of all the countries in which he could have settled, he chose precisely Romania. Despite the stereotype rooted in the minds of people in his native country, he sees a lot of favorable factors and a huge potential for both the Romanian population and for him. Szymon claims that, compared to other European countries, Romania is a “paradise for entrepreneurs”, and the favorable business environment is also a huge asset for the country’s development, raising the living standards.

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