Ponta: We’ll decide by autumn if we conclude a new agreement with the IMF, what kind of agreement’


PM Victor Ponta said on Monday that the government intends to finish the current agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) so that in autumn could decide upon a new agreement and in which form. ‘Now we have to carry out an analysis of the structural reforms, especially regarding the private management according to Ordinance 109/2011. We have the wish to finish in good terms the current agreement so that by autumn we could decide upon a new agreement and what kind of agreement,’ Ponta said.
The Premier also said the IMF delegation is to arrive in Romania on January 27 for a longer mission. ‘We’ve done the issues that concerned us, i.e. adopting the budget according to the terms agreed with our international partners. Now we are to discuss about structural reforms, especially about the private management,’ the Premier said.

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