Printed dailies – significant drop of sales

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According to the data issued by the Romanian Bureau for Transmedia Audit (BRAT) for July-September 2014, the central printed dailies, mainly the quality newspapers, have registered decrease in sales against the same period last year.

On the top place is placed ‘Evenimentul zilei’ – sales of 13,257 to 12,831 copies per day vs. 13,895 last year. ‘Romania libera’ is on the second place during the same interval – 13,916 to 12,263 copies per day vs. 15,606 last year. ‘Adevarul’ stands third – 8,702 to 9,019 copies per day vs. 10,449 last year. Next is placed ‘Jurnalul national’ – 7,865 to 8,376 copies per day vs. 9,299 last year. ‘Ziarul financiar’ stands first on the financial field – 8,783 to 8,827 copies per day vs. 8,034 last year. Sports newspaper ‘Gazeta sporturilor’ registered 26,674 to 29,427 copies per day vs. 30,975 last year.

According to BRAT, tabloids have a much better situation in terms of sales: ‘Click!’ – 108,424 to 109,450 copies per day vs. 121,052 last year, followed by ‘Libertatea’ – 66,589 to 63,404 copies vs. 82,693 last year.

The average drop of sales is of some 15 percent.

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