Profi retailer brings “Loco” brand on rural area

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Profi opened on Saturday 11 new stores in rural communities under “Loco” brand concept, a retailer’s premier in this area.

“We tested this concept extensively through our MINI experimental stores and now we know how to show the most appropriate format for civilized trade that contributes to improving the lives of local people. We called this format Loco,” Daniel Cirstea, general manager of Profi Rom Food, said according to a press release.

The 11 stores are in Panticeu (Cluj), Aghiresu Fabrici (Cluj), Matca (Galati), Odobesti (Vrancea), Balan (Harghita), Tinca (Bihar), Segarcea (Dolj), Miercurea Nirajului (Mures), Lovrin (Timis), Gataia (Timis) and Anina (Caras Severin).

Once Profi network expands, other units will be added to Loco new stores which are expected to reach 500 units in late 2016 and to continue to grow at a pace of at least 100 stores per year, the company says.

The novelty brought by these stores is that they are adapted to the needs of the residents.

However, the local producers of fruits and vegetables can sell their products – fresh produces such as parsley, greens, radishes and more – in Loco stores. Over 80 percent of what is sold through this network comes from Romanian suppliers.

Each Loco unit will offer jobs to 11 – 15 people in the localities where they are opened. Currently, the retailer has 8,000 employees across the whole network.

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