PwC’s Iuga: Romania’s workforce, at the same level as 10 years ago

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Romania’s workforce has undergone a consistent structural change in the past 10 years: 450,000 jobs vanished in industry, while the number of IT employees increased (by 80.0000), trade (by over 200,000) and those in public administration – by 200,000, Vasile Iuga, senior adviser PwC Romania stated during a press conference on Tuesday, about the gap between Romania’s economy and productive Romania, along with necessary policies to bridge it, informs.

Thus, the domestic workforce is at the same level as a decade ago, at 4.6-4.7 million people, after a dip to 4.1 million employees in 2011.

PwC official said that foreign capital represents 8 percent of the total companies operating in Romania, has 40 percent of the assets, a quarter of the employees, 80 percent of exports and a productivity three times higher than the Romanian industry.

“In the industrial sector, 65 percent of the gross added value comes from foreign capital. A brief look at the economy reveals 600,000 companies operating in Romania. The number of companies per one thousand people is 22 in Romania, compared with 43, as is the EU average, which indicates frightened private enterprise,” Iuga explained.

He also said that the number of trade jobs advanced by 225,000, to 750,000, the number of communications jobs increased by 80,000, but so did the jobs in the public administration, which increased by 200,000.

Iuga pointed out on refuting the myth according to which Romania is the EU’s marketplace, given that the country records trade surplus with many of the advanced states.

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