Rail group Grampet and Astra Arad, in the race for Budapest Subway upgrading


The Romanian companies Electroputere VFU – Reloc Craiova, part of Grampet Group, and Astra Arad are participating in an auction to modernize the subway system of the Hungarian capital within a EUR 205 million project, a press release informs on Sunday.

This consortium has submitted documentation for the first phase of the auction, which is now in pre-qualification stage of the tenders, so that after overcoming this moment to start negotiating the contract and then designating the winner, according to the quoted document.

The pre-qualification stage is expected to be completed by the end of January.

In the competition were also registered six other participants, of which the French manufacturer Alstom, Czech producer Skoda and companies from Russia and Hungary.

Privately-owned Romanian company Grampet announced last summer its plans to launch production of a new locomotive model at the plant in Craiova. Grampet is cooperating on the project with US industrial group Caterpillar which will supply the engines.

In its turn, Romanian company Astra Vagoane Calatori Arad, owned by businessman Valer Blidar submitted in October an offer of some EUR 5.1 million per unit for Bucharest metro operator, Metrorex, which announced that wants to buy new trains.

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