Ralf Luchs, the new plant manager of Continental Timisoara

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The electronic components plant in Timisoara of German automotive group Continental has a new management. According to a press release, Ralf Luchs is the new plant manager, replacing Franciscoxavier Pujol, who held this position for three years.

Dr. Ralf Luchs is working at Continental, the leading German automotive manufacturing, for almost 20 years. He held various management positions in several factories in Germany, including Ingolstat and Nürenberg. Before he takes over the plant management in Timisoara, Dr. Luchs was director of start-up production of Continental Automotive in Calamba (Philippines).

“Electronic components factory in Timisoara has extraordinary evolved from the start of production in 2006. We deliver 15 million units each year. We work every day to develop the automotive industry and we supply our products to Continental customers worldwide. We use top equipment and technology, and my colleagues are committed to the projects they are working on. All this leads to a steady and organic increase of the location by adding new activities, and technologies of the future responsibilities,” Ralf Luchs stated.

Part of the global network of Continental Corporation’s production centers of the electronic components, Timisoara unit mainly produces displays, control units for airbag and dashboard tools. The factory has over 1,300 employees and has delivered over 60 million components to customers in more than 10 years of activity.

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