Raytheon sends call for tender to Aerostar Bacau on Patriot defense system components

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Raytheon, the US company which is producing the Patriot systems, has issued a call for tender to Aerostar Bacau, asking the Romanian company to provide further information on the pieces for the Patriot defense system that might be produced in Bacau.

According to Tom Laliberty, Raytheon vice president of Integrated Air and Missile Defense, the call for tender is an opportunity for Aerostar to provide components both for the Patriot systems destined to Romania, but also for the global Patriot systems.

The Raytheon official said that over 220 Patriot units owned by 14 nations, including Romania, represent a large market and a very good export opportunity for the Romanian defense industry.

The Romanian Economy Ministry through Aerostar and the U.S. company Raytheon International Defence System have signed in October 2017 the agreement providing technical support for the Patriot system’s purchase.

Last year Tom Laliberty, used to say that “with its newly built Patriot capability, Romania’s military will have the ability to defend Romania and its NATO allies.” “Patriot will also enable Romanian air defenders to train, exercise and interoperate with their U.S. and European counterparts. This procurement will create jobs in both the U.S. and Romania. Raytheon is developing long-term relationships with Romanian companies to help us build and sustain Romania’s Patriot fleet,” he stated back then.

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