Remote Work in High Demand as Year-end Approaches


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Remote positions attracted over 150,000 applications in November alone, presenting an opportunity for candidates seeking to supplement their income with dual employment.

As the year comes to a close, an increasing number of Romanian candidates are actively seeking remote jobs, either to avoid commuting in the cold season or to secure an additional income. On the online recruitment platform Bestjobs, over 150,000 applications were recorded in November for remote work positions, while expressions like ‘remote,’ ‘work from home,’ and ‘lucrul la distanță’ collectively garnered over 200,000 searches on the platform.

A mid-year survey conducted by Bestjobs revealed that only 40% of employees were working from an office, with over half of them actively seeking a new job that offered more flexibility.

“The year 2023 has been financially challenging, with the primary concern for Romanian employees being income supplementation. This explains the record number of monthly applications we observe on Bestjobs. However, as we approach the end of the year, we notice a growing interest in remote jobs. One possible explanation could be income supplementation through the necessity of having a secondary job, and the flexibility of a remote job allows simultaneous employment in two positions,” says Ana Vișian, Marketing Manager at Bestjobs.

The number of available jobs that allow full remote or hybrid work reached nearly 13,000 in November. Most opportunities are in Sales, Call Center, IT, and Marketing. Sales positions saw a record number of applications in the last month, totaling almost 200,000.

The holiday season significantly influences the application trends of Romanian candidates. Sales, known for increased activity during this period, is gaining more interest, with nearly 200,000 applications made for roles in this sector. Management, IT, Finance, and Call Center roles continue to be top preferences for Romanian candidates.

Other jobs that received significant searches in November on Bestjobs include ‘driver’ with over 50,000 searches, ‘accountant’ or ‘economist’ with 49,000 searches, and ‘engineer’ with almost 30,000 searches.”

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