Renault explains: Dacia Logan MCV to be manufactured both in Tangier and Mioveni

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Dacia Logan MCV production will be expanded in Tangier also, without any impact on the Mioveni unit, the Renault Group points out in a press release, after the news according to which the French carmaker will relocate the Logan Break MCV production line from Romania to Morocco.

“In order to respond to the success of the Global Access range, the Renault Group will start manufacturing the Logan MCV in a second plant, as well,” Renault officials show.

The French carmaker says that the Mioveni plant has to respond to the resounding success of the Duster model, for which the number of orders is really high (the second on its segment, especially in Europe).

“In order to make more room for Duster in the manufacturing capacity, the Renault Group will also assemble the Logan MCV in the Tangier plant. Thus, starting with the first semester 2017, the Logan MCV shall be assembled both in Mioveni and in the Tangier (Morocco) plant,” Renault brings clarifications.

The Group’s manufacturing forecast is confidential.

“The manufacturing capacity of the Mioveni plant is being used at its highest level. Thus, this second assembly line for the Logan MCV does not impact the organization and the activity of the plant in Mioveni or that of the Romanian employees,” the release reads.

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