Renault to present Dacia Duster ‘Premium’


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Groupe Renault will present, at the end of August, at the auto show in Moscow, a Dacia Duster ‘Premium’, a more refined and expensive SUV, which could be launched in Western Europe in 2020, with a different option to be launched in Asia in 2019, French weekly ‘Challenges’ informs, quoted by

“We will offer a compact SUV based on Dacia Duster, the same size but positioned differently,” Renault Vice-president for products, Bruno Ancelin, said.

A first for Dacia, sold as Renault outside Europe and in Russia, is that the ‘Premium’ model will be sold in China and South Korea, as of the end of 2019 and in early 2020.

Ancelin claims that the models for Asia will not be based on Logan 2004 platform, as the other Dacia models, but on the future Renault Clio, to be presented in Paris in September.

If the model will be launched in Europe, the launching will not take place sooner than 2020, so that it does not compete against the Renault SUV Kadjar.

The ‘Premium’ model is expected to be sold in 300,000 units per year and will allow the brand to reach the target of 2 million units per year in 2020, up by 500,000 against 2017.

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