Renewable energy, 42 pc of Romania’s electricity output in 2016

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Renewable energy has provided last year 42.29 percent of national electricity production, hydro energy having the largest share, a National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) report on the electricity market in 2016 reads.

The hydro energy represented 29.88 percent of country’s total electricity output, surpassing coal, which secured 24.37 percent of the total. At the same time, wind energy provided 11.07 percent, photovoltaic – 1.18 percent and biomass – 0.16 percent.

Nuclear sources accounted for 17.9 percent, gas – 15.18 percent and fuel oil – 0.26 percent of the total.

National electricity production was 61.80 TWh in 2016, down 1.3 percent from the previous year, while the national consumption increased by 2.08 percent to 52.89 TWh.

Residential customer consumption reached 12.05 TWh, up by 0.42 percent, while the competitive consumption was 33.34 percent, up by 3.39 percent.

On the competitive market, Electrica was the largest supplier, ANRE report shows, with a share of 15.98 percent, followed by Tinmar Energy – 9.10 percent, E.ON Energie Romania – 6.66 percent, Transenergo Com (insolvent since January 2017) – 5.06 percent, CEZ Vanzare – 4.79 percent.


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