Rents in Romania, among the lowest in Europe


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Although Romania boasts the highest number of house owners in Europe, rents are also among the most affordable ones on the old continent.
Despite the rising prices on rents, up by 12% compared to 2020, Romania still has the lowest rents as against other European countries. It remains to be seen if the picture changes,because as of January 1, 2023, rent taxation for landlords will increase and landlords will give more money to the state.

The highest rents in Romania are in Bucharest and Cluj, 7.5 euros per square meter. In Brașov the prices are somewhat lower, 6.60 euros per square meter.

Compared to other European states, our neighbours from Bulgaria offer lower rents. A sqm of lodging is rented for less than 3 euros per month in Burgas, a Bulgarian city on the Black Sea coast and 3,70 in Varna, another Black Sea port city. Rent costs 4.60 euro per sqm in Sofia.

Slovenia also has low rents, with less than 7 euro per sqm/month.

At the opposite end, Paris is the European city with the highest rent prices, over 29 euro per sqm. Other cities like Oslo, London, Barcelona and Copenhagen are also among the most expensive on rent- more than 20 euro per sqm. In Barcelona for instance, the prices of rents was up by roughly 28% in 2021.

Price hikes on rents are also reported in Warsaw, Poland or in Hungary.

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