Resigning Transports minister pays visit to A3 motorway construction site, slams constructors

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Transports minister Lucian Sova has slammed the manner constructors are carrying out works on the A3 motorway construction site on Monday. Sova who resigned from the ministry last week said the constructors are lying Romanians and not the ministry.

„I am discontent with the way the constructor is doing his job on this motorway section and not only here, but also on the railway sections and other motorway sections. I am willing to take the harshest measures against this entrepreneur who is actually not lying the company, the ministry, is lying the Romanians,” minister Sova said.

Asked if the constructor is getting penalties, the minister replied: „It is fined. Penalties are flooding,” adding that delays of the works are caused by…laziness.

It’s laziness and poor mobilisation, for they have encountered no administrative problem for more than five months. As I said before, in the past months, no construction site in Romania has had no administrative barrier,” Sova further said.

The works for the Petricani Road-Bucharest ring road section should have been already concluded, as the contract was inked with Aktor SA-Euroconstruct Trading 98 association since early 2016.

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