Restart Energy Innovative Technologies AG is launching the first sustainable STO on the Swiss Blockchain Platform DAURA


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Restart Energy Innovative Technologies AG (REIT) is launching the first sustainable STO on the Swiss Blockchain Platform DAURA. REIT AG is raising 7.99 MN CHF by offering digital participation certificates on the blockchain using SWISSCOM backed DAURA platform.

The funds will be used for acquiring operational renewable assets and developing downstream energy supply business by Restart Energy One SA, one of the leading integrated private energy suppliers in Romania that earlier this year launched and listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange the first green bond and for global expansion of the recently launched RED Platform, an innovative blockchain platform offering the first end to end tokenized carbon offset system and carbon marketplace for companies and individuals.

Our goal is to use bleeding-edge technology and innovative business models to democratize a sector burdened by bureaucracy and transaction costs: freeing up capital, saving money, helping local power producers earn more and laying the groundwork for a sustainable future. Experienced in the traditional energy supply business, REIT AG understands that the future of energy production and consumption lies in giving people and businesses freedom to access and participate in a more sustainable energy ecosystem unfettered by bureaucracy and outmoded business models. REIT AG aggregates the two main attributes of the group, the experience and successful track record of our legacy business, the energy supply company and the bold approach of the energy sector through technology with our RED Platform”, states Armand Domuță, Chairman of the Board of Restart Energy Innovative Technologies AG.

To participate in the upcoming STO, investors must prove they have offset their CO2 emissions and have reached net-zero. They can do so by creating an account on the RED Platform, calculating their CO2 emissions using the special tools and offsetting those emissions by validating their sustainable actions like the production or consumption of green energy or by purchasing carbon offset certificates from the certified projects available on the platform.

With global energy demand expected to double by 2030 and the rapid increase in finite resource consumption, nations throughout the world are piloting new reforms through deregulation, opening utilities to more innovative and bold solutions, to build a better world.

Restart Energy has 50.000 customers, 28 million euros estimated revenue for 2021 and a projects pipeline of 550 MW of renewable energy developments.

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