Robin Sharma, the leadership expert, at its sole public event in Europe, on September 17 at Alexander Hotel


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Robin Sharma, one of the most respected leadership consultant in the world, whose knowledge and work are inspiring millions of people globally, will be at Alexander Hotel in Bucharest on September 17, to open minds and roads to success at its sole public event live in Europe.
Robin S. Sharma is a Canadian writer, famous speaker, leadership expert and a former Litigation lawyer. He is the author of 15 global best sellers, including The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and The Leader Who Had No Title. Robin has both Canadian and Mauritian citizenship. Robin Sharma is one of the top 5 leadership experts in the world, bestselling author of 15 books that changed mentalities and lives of millions of people, a successful motivational speaker on topics of leadership and personal development.
Robin Sharma shares his knowledge all over the world, where he is lecturing on leadership principles and techniques that can contribute to the professional success of corporations specialists, of entrepreneurs and others.
For more than fifteen years Robin Sharma has been called upon by CEOs in organizations to coach themselves and to teach their subordinates. Among his clients are: Microsoft, GE, NIKE, FedEx and IBM. He also collaborated with NASA, IMD Business School, Yale.
Sharma is the founder of a business training company called Sharma Leadership International Inc. located in Toronto, Canada. Sharma is a leadership expert who was ranked in the top 10 worldwide and was given the Golden Gavel award by Toastmasters International in the year 2011. He was ranked 7th on the International Leadership Professional Gurus list in 2012 and has appeared on “numerous television and radio programs.” He conducts training programmes and workshops even at far flung places like Bogota, Moscow, Shanghai and Paris and runs an annual event called The Titan Summit that features a faculty including Sir Richard Branson, Russell Simmons and other top global thought leaders in Chennai, Hyderabad etc. Robin Sharma’s work is focusing on developing the leadership abilities of every employee, regardless of his position. He is known worldwide for his “Lead Without a Title” methodology and for his breakthrough work with top organizations. He also teaches elite performance via his methods that include The 20/20/20 Formula and The 90/90/1 Rule.

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