Romania, among the EU countries with the lowest prices for meat last year

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In 2016, Denmark had the highest prices for meat (almost 40 percent higher than the EU average), while Poland was the least expensive country for meat (around 47 percent lower than the EU average), followed by Bulgaria (around 44 percent lower) and Romania (around 41 percent lower than the EU average), Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union reveals.

Other Member States where meat prices are significantly higher than the EU average are Austria, 37 percent above average, Sweden, 34.5 percent above average, and France, 31.1 percent above average.

If all the countries of Europe, not only EU Member States, are taken into account, the highest meat prices are in Switzerland, 157 percent above the EU average, and the smallest are still in Poland, even smaller than in Albania or Macedonia.

According to National Institute of Statistics (INS), in 2016, the meat consumption in Romania was relatively low compared to standards in developed countries, with an average monthly consumption per person of 3.39 kilograms.

At the same time, according to Caterwings 2017 Meat Price Index, Swiss meat prices are pretty hard to stomach at first glance. At USD 49.68, Switzerland tops the ranking for a kilogram of beef leg round, while Ukraine has the lowest. Caterwings adds that despite low prices in some countries, someone on minimum wage has to put in long hours to buy a piece of meat, while “those in Norway would need to work less than 1 hour on minimum wage to afford the same.”

In Indonesia, people have to toil for 23.6 hours to purchase the same amount of beef as in Switzerland, though there it costs just USD 9.01. Buying a kilo of chicken breast in Indonesia involves 7.3 hours of work.

For white fish, the affordability laggard was Egypt, with a kilo requiring 44.2 hours of labor.

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