Romania, among the last in Europe in terms of IFC certification

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Romania ranks one of the last places in Europe in the certification of food quality and safety management systems, only 200 companies in getting this European signature, according to the IFS Food standard, a recent International Featured Standards survey reveals, based on information from 90 countries on 4 continents.

The most interested in the quality of the products they deliver are the Italians (who hold 2,903 IFS Food certifications). Germany is next (2.498 certifications), followed by Spain (2.436) and France (1.781). Among the new wave countries, Poland (732), Hungary (408) and the Czech Republic (334) are the most involved. Fewer certified than in Romania are the producers in Bulgaria (165 certifications), Croatia (118), Slovakia (94).

Moreover, Romania has a growth rate of IFS certifications of 20 percent annually, above the European average of 7 percent, but it has areas where this standard has not even begun to be requested, according to Ionut Nache, General Manager INAQ Consulting, IFC representative for Romania stated.

Regarding the IFS certification cost, Nache pointed out that this is given by the duration of the audit, which generally runs for three days for a company. IFS certification is given annually and is worth EUR 2,000 – 3,000.

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