Romania and Gaming: A new job market to discover


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Romania is no stranger to the global gaming scene. In 1999, FUN Labs became the first developer, creating games that Activision released. The local industry has grown much more prominent since these early days, with scores of recognisable developers and studios based in Bucharest, Iaşi and Cluj.

And thanks to the popularity of live casino games, global developers are setting up shop in Romania and improving the job market.

Developers and Studios Flocking to Romania

The Romanian gaming industry has been flourishing of late, causing more developers and studios to swing open their doors within the country. That’s not to say the country wasn’t always a big player in Europe. Many notable global gaming companies already had a presence in Romania years ago, not limited to Gameloft, EA, Ubisoft and Namco Bandai.

But in the last few years, the number of companies in the country has grown, especially within the casino niche. Romania already has some fantastic casinos. The latest addition is the renowned casino game developer, Playtech. The big-name developer has just opened a studio in Bucharest, promising to employ local talent.

New gaming jobs in Bucharest

The new Playtech studio will predominantly serve as a base for providing live casino games. A growing number of live dealer casino games are driving jobs in the gaming industry internationally, and now it will benefit the local industry in Romania as well. Live casino games are made to make the online casino experience more like a trip to the casino with friends. The games take place live and are streamed to player’s devices, and they include a host dealer who may interact with players through the screen.

This means the new Playtech studio will be equipped with HD cameras and sophisticated streaming technology to ensure seamless and uninterrupted casino gaming.

What skills will you need?

To become a live dealer, you will need to have a solid understanding of casino games, such as roulette, blackjack, poker, and unique games only made for this live format. You’ll likely have to be a host for more than one game, so extensive knowledge across games will be vital. Training will likely be provided to help you understand the most complex rulings.

You’ll also need to feel comfortable in front of the camera and be able to build a rapport with players through the lens. This won’t be easy, and you’ll need to have fantastic communication skills.

Is Romania a tax haven for gaming companies?

Gaming companies are well-known for setting up bases in locations where they pay less tax. That’s why so many of the biggest gaming and gambling businesses are headquartered in Jersey, Monaco, Malta and Latvia. Romania isn’t usually considered a tax haven, although taxes here are less than other EU states. The reasons gaming companies are flocking to this part of the world is more likely to do with new gambling legislation freeing up the market.

The Asian gambling market is on the rise, too, with SA Gaming being a leading online entertainment platform provider on that continent.

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