Romania boasts among the lowest price levels in the EU

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Romania is among the three countries in the European Union with the lowest price levels  for consumer goods and services, the latest Eurostat report “Is Your Country Expensive” reveals.

Denmark and Luxembourg had the highest price levels in 2017 (both 41 % above the EU average), followed by Sweden (35 % above), Ireland (28 % above), Finland (23 % above) and the United Kingdom (17 % above), while the lowest price levels were recorded in Bulgaria (56 % below the EU average), Romania (52 % below), Poland (47 % below), Hungary (42 % below) and Lithuania (40 % below).

Romania was the cheapest Member State for food (62,2% below the EU average), followed by Poland (65%) and Bulgaria (73%).

On housing costs (water, electricity, gas, etc), Bulgaria tops the list of the cheapest EU states, with prices of only 30% below the EU average, followed by Poland (37,3%) and Romania (38,6%). The highest housing costs are in Switzerland (81,7% above the EU average), Luxembourg (+62,8%) and UK (+59,2%).

On transport cost, Bulgaria ranks first (-66%) and Romania second  (-68,2%), while the highest transport costs in the EU are found in Iceland (+ 45,1%), Norway (+43,7%) and Denmark (+28,4%).

As the general average life costs, Bulgaria tops the chart of the cheapest countries (44% below EU average), followed by Romania (48.4%) and Poland (53.2%).

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