Romania, Bulgaria consider to build new ‘friendship bridge’


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Congestion and huge queues are something common, especially during the summer season between Romania and Bulgaria, the traffic on Giurgiu-Ruse bridge, also known as ‘the friendship bridge’  has doubled compared to 2016 and the bridge can no longer cope with it. Thus, a new bridge is imperative.

Following a working meeting on Wednesday, Bulgarian and Romanian officials are considering to build a second bridge between the cities of Ruse and Giurgiu, which would be the 3rd link between the two countries over the Danube, informs.

”It is planned to be about 3 km. East of the current one, in the direction of Marten. Two options are being developed – road only for cars and combined only – for road and rail transport. The location was selected as starting point for the future Ruse-Veliko Tarnovo highway,” the quoted source reads.

Nicu Mardale, Executive Director Giurgiu County Council hopes the need for a new bridge across the Danube will be taken into consideration by parliaments in both countries. Mardale quoted a 2014 study which showed that the construction of a new bridge in Giurgiu-Ruse area would cost about EUR 250 million, Bulgarian Telegraph Agency (BTA) informs.

Romanian and Bulgarian officials present at the meeting considered that a short term solution to free traffic on Giurgiu-Ruse bridge is increasing control check point capacity on both river banks.

For the first eight months of 2016, some 750,000-760,000 vehicles passed the bridge, and for the same period this year their number is already 1,370,000.

The capacity of the existing Danube bridge between Ruse and Giurgiu is not sufficient for such a big number of cars since there is only one lane in each direction.

The participants in the discussion agreed on a new meeting in early October, to call on the EU commissioners of the two countries, ministers and other representatives of the highest echelons of state power.


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