Romania, EU’s biggest bread consumer, posts the lowest bakery price

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Romania has the lowest bread price in the EU, more exactly half the community average of 28 Member States, informs, using Eurostat data.

At the bottom of the list, Romania is next to the other countries in the region, namely Poland (60 percent), Bulgaria (59 percent), Czech Republic (75 percent) and Hungary (71 percent).

The price is calculated as a percentage of the EU average, which is considered to be 100 percent. Thus, the position of the Central and Eastern European states at the end of the ranking is justified considering the salary prices in the context of a net average wage in Romania of about EUR 500, 4-5 times lower than the Western average.

Although Romania is the second largest wheat producer in the EU, imports of bakery and pastry products doubled in five years, with the trade deficit in this sector reaching nearly EUR 150 million in 2016, according to the statistical office of the European Union data.

Industry specialists put this value at on massive imports of frozen dough that retailers bring it from abroad and turn it into “fresh” bread. Romania is also the biggest European consumer of bread, with 95 kg of bread per capita, according to the most recent data, compared to an EU average of 60 kilograms.

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