Romania exported tobacco products worth around EUR 694 M in 2018

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According to the National Institute of Statistics, the total value of the tobacco products exported by Romania last year mounted to EUR 693.7 million, four times more than the sum of the exports of various foodstuff. British American Tobacco, the largest player on the tobacco market in Romania, is exporting around 70 percent of the volumes made in Ploiesti, the second factory of the group in Europe.

INS reported that the tobacco products represented around 39% of the total exports of foodstuff, drink and tobacco products and 5.5% of the total exports of consumer products.

British American Tobacco is ranked in the top five largest exporters of agri-food products.

At present, over 70% of the products made in Ploiesti is going to 45 countries such as Italy, Japan, Brazil or Russia. The BAT factory in Ploiesti has doubled its capacity in the past years, and the number of exports increased by 10% as against last year. Moreover last year, BAT announced an investment plan following which the plant in Romania is currently the only one in the European Union where Neosticks are produces, tobacco supplies for glo, the innovative product that heats the tobacco and not burn it. The factory in Ploiesti is the third Neosticks producer worldwide, after the ones in Russia and South Korea,” said Ileana Dumitru, Legal and Public Relations director at  British American Tobacco.

BAT is contributing to the state budget with roughly EUR 1.7 billion annually through taxes and fees. The company has paid taxes of over EUR 13.7 billion in Romania in the past 10 years.

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