Romania gets new PGI for ‘Novac afumat’


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The European Commission has approved on Thursday the addition of a new product from Romania to the quality register of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), a press release informs.

The ‘Novac afumat din Tara Barsei’ is a smoked fish fillet obtained from the bighead carp species. The bighead carp is reared for three years in fish farms located in the central-eastern municipalities of Romania: Dumbravita, Feldioara, Halchiu, Bod and Harman. In this mountainous region, the water running in the rivers is clear and provides an optimal habitat for the bighead carp. To create the product, salting and hot smoking techniques from the ancient times are applied.

Most of the production stages are still carried-out by hand and therefore require experience and know-how of local people. As a final product the smoked fish fillet is characterized by a low fat content and a golden skin.

The new denomination will be added to the list of 1,390 products already protected.

The smoked bighead carp from Tara Barsei will officially become the fourth Romanian protected product in 20 days from its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union.

Currently, Romania has four protected products in EU: Topoloveni jam with the PGI obtained in 2011, ‘Telemeaua Ibanesti’ (Ibanesti feta cheese) with protected designation of origin (PDO) obtained in 2016 and Sibiu Salami, with PGI achieved also last year.

Plescoi sausages and smoked Danube shad are two products that are on the track at the European Commission in order to obtain EU’s PGI.

At national level there are about 500 traditional products registered at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR).


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