Romania has become EU’s main cereal exporter, KeysFin analysts show

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Romanian agriculture continues the sustained evolution, amid the significant investments of recent years. According to KeysFin study, the cereal production has doubled over the past seven years, from RON 8.34 billion in 2009 to RON 16.1 billion in 2015.

At end-May 2017, Romania became the main cereal exporter in the European Union. The domestic companies exported 7.15 million tons of grain from the 2016-2017 harvest. Of these, over 5 million tons were wheat exports.

Currently, over 7,000 companies with over 40,000 employees work in the domestic agriculture sector on the cereal cultivation segment.

At the same time, the number of companies has increased by almost 30 percent compared to 2009, most of them being in Timis, Constanta, Teleorman, Ialomita, Calarasi, Braila, Arad, Tulcea and Dolj. More than 300 companies were registered in Bucharest.

In 2016, the main player on the grain producers market was Agro-Chirnogi, in Calarasi. The company has more than 600 employees, registering last year a turnover of RON 960.1 million, almost double the result in 2015, the net profit reaching RON 12 million, according to the Ministry of Finance data.

Agricost in Braila ranks the second, with more than 900 employees and a turnover of RON 387.2 million in 2016, up by over RON 21 million year-on-year, and a net profit of RON 71 million.

Interagro in Teleorman posted the most interesting evolution, after having registered in 2015 a turnover of RON 374.5 million and then experienced the insolvency in 2016, its turnover dropping sharply to RON 21.5 million.

Beyond the obstacles, the prospects for Romanian agriculture are extremely positive, including from the macroeconomic point of view.


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