Romania has USD 800 M debts to recover from exports before 1989

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Romania has to recover EUR 800 million from the countries where it exported goods before 1989, during the communist regime, reads a Finance Ministry’s  document quoted by Hotnews.

The chances to recover the money are minimum, considering the debtors are facing economic problems.

The largest arrears come from Iraq, of over USD 520 million. Sudan is owing Romania almost USD 170 million, while Libya, over USD 45 million. Nigeria, Mozambique or the Central African Republic also boast consistent debts, of over USD 10 million each.

The Romanian state has negotiated payment schedules with some of these countries, while others just refuse to give us the money back, like Cuba’s case, which has a debt of 1.4 billion rubles, invoking that this currency doesn’t exist anymore.

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