Romania inks deal with R. of Moldova to build water pipes underneath Prut River


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The Government of Romania signed an agreement with the Government of the Republic of Moldova on the construction of water pipes running underneath the Pruth River to supply with fresh water from Iasi County (Romania) the raions of Nisporeni, Ungheni, Glodeni, and Falesti (Republic of Moldova).

The deal stipulates that the construction of aqueducts do not affect the state border line.

“I am happy we succeeded in approving this agreement which represents another step in continuing and developing cooperation for the identification of durable solutions to joint problems. The agreement constitutes the legal basis for conducting works crossing the state border with potable water pipelines, and after its entry into force, the placement of the aqueduct between the localities of Ungheni in Romania and Ungheni in the Republic of Moldova, by decision of the Intergovernmental Hydro-Technical Commission will be established. As we have discussed during the meeting in December with Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova Andrei Spanu, the physical connection between the two countries is part of our priorities together with other projects with major impact on the quality of life of citizens in the Republic of Moldova, local infrastructure projects such as water supply, sewerage, energy efficiency,” said the Romanian Environment Minister, Tanczos Barna.

Investments will be made from the budget of S.C. Apavital S.A., regional operator for water services and sewerage in Iasi, and the first stage provides for the construction of an underground pipeline beneath the Pruth river, between the localities of Macaresti (Romania) – Macaresti (Republic of Moldova), which addresses the citizens in 13 localities in the Ungheni and Nisporeni raions, with a population of approximately 30,000 citizens.

Moreover, four more pipes (two beneath and two above the Pruth) are planned linking the localities of Macarasti (Romania) – Macarasti (Republic of Moldova), Sculeni (Romania) – Sculeni (Republic of Moldova), Tabara (Romania) – Viilor (Republic of Moldova) and the crossing of the future bridge between Ungheni (Romania) and Ungheni (Republic of Moldova).

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