Romania ranks 32 out of 72 countries in electronic-device price comparison


Romania is among the 35 most affordable countries for buying gadgets and electronic terminals, ranking 32th in Technology Price Index conducted by the biggest eCommerce platform in Latin America. has released the 2016-2017 Technology Price Index comparing the cost of 14 popular electronic devices and brands across 72 countries.

The Technology Price Index takes into account the cost of smartphones, laptops, games consoles, tablets, smart devices, and other gadgets, ranking the countries on the average cost of all products researched.

Romania ranks 7th with an average price of USD 513.42 for an iPhone, after India, where such a phone is at a price of USD 505.25.

Singaporeans pay most for an iPhone – USD 969.04, while the cheapest iPhones are in Angola – USD 401.94.

The cheapest Android-powered devices are in Kuwait, Japan, Ecuador and Guatemala, the price ranging between USD 540 and USD 590. In Romania, Android gadgets are available at USD 730.09, the country occupying the 24th position.

According to Latin America’s leading e-commerce platform, the cheapest MacBook laptops are in Kuwait (USD 795.38), at the opposite end hovering Brazil (USD 3390.96).

Romania ranks among the last, with an average price of USD 1.601.02 for a MacBook.

At the same time, a PS4 costs USD 305.84 in Romania and Xbox One – almost USD 220.

As regards smart watches, the cheapest Apple brand can be bought in Russia, where users pay only USD 182, while in Romania, they pay USD 452.06.

To conduct the research, Linio looked at the costs of all products in the study from several brick and mortar chain stores and smaller retailers in all major cities in each country. The study also took into account the average costs from at least three reputable online outlets in each country. Taxes and other associated purchasing costs, minus delivery, were also accounted for.

The results were calculated by researching the average retail cost, including taxes, of 14 popular devices, including Apple and Windows-powered products, in 72 countries.

Prices do not include cost of shipping. Nor were sales or discounts taken into account. All currency conversions were accurate as of December 1. Variations in prices may exist due to currency fluctuations over time.

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