Romania starts exporting gas to Republic of Moldova on Wednesday

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Romania begins gas exports to Republic of Moldova through Iasi-Ungheni pipeline as of Wednesday.

“Iasi –Ungheni pipeline begins its activity as of Wednesday. Discussions are under way regarding the Ungheni-Chisinau pipeline, which would cover the entire area of the republic with the gas provided by Romania and would allow us to ensure a fair competition on the energy market in Republic of Moldova,” the new Moldovan PM Chiril Gaburici told a press conference on Tuesday, quoted by Unimedia.

According to Moldova’s authorities, Romania will send 1 million steres of gas this year over the Prut River. The price was set at RON 1,010 for 1,000 steres.

Iasi-Ungheni 43-kilometer pipeline was inaugurated in August last year. The works have lasted one year. The most part of the costs was paid by the Romanian side.

In the first instance, the pipeline will service only a town with 35,000 inhabitants, consuming only 2 percent of the pipeline capacity. To reach the republic’s capital, Chisinau, another 100 -kilometer pipeline is needed, which will elude the existent gas network 50 percent owned by Gazprom.

By using Iasi-Ungheni pipeline, R.Moldova will be able to decrease the dependence on the Russian gas imports.


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