Romania starts importing workforce from Philippines, Nepal, Vietnam, India, Indonesia or Thailand

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Romania has started importing workforce from Asian countries for the tourism, construction and agriculture industries, reads a study released by human resources consultancy company Smartree.

According to the study’s authors, the first initiatives to recruit workers from abroad has started emerging in Romania 2-3 years ago. They explain that the reasons the Romanian employers resorted to this strategy are, among others, the migration of certain social categories to more developed countries in the West, the declining of the birth rate, the changing demands for various jobs, prompted by the new technologies, as well as the inability of the education system to answer the needs of the employers nowadays.

The industries where companies from Romania have resorted the most to hiring foreign workers are HORECA (hotel, restaurant and catering), production, light industry, constructions and services, while most of the foreign laborers are coming from Philippine, Nepal, Vietnam, India, Indonesia or Thailand, where the standard of living is below the one in Romania.

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